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Latvia’s National Armed forces receive new Harris tactical radio equipment

Photo: rf.harris.com.
In 2017, Latvia received tactical military radios worth USD 10.5 million from American Harris Corporation. Procurement of radio equipment will further improve command function and help develop a lasting communication system with other NATO member states, as reported by Latvian Defence Ministry.

The ministry also explains that the contract for the procurement of radio equipment was signed with US government in 2016. The procured radio equipment uses a different type of data encryption than the one used by previous models.

The procurement contract covers the supply of radios and necessary equipment to ensure communication between different command levels and data protection.

To continue supplying National Armed Forces with modern radio communication equipment, Defence Ministry signed a new contract with USA on 11 December 2017. This contract details the procurement of tactical radio equipment worth more than USD 17 million.

It is planned that the first radios will be delivered to Latvia at the beginning of 2019, the ministry estimates.

It should be said that Harris Corporation supplies radio equipment to the majority of NATO member states.

Considering the operational needs of Latvia’s National Armed Forces, procurements of Harris radio equipment will continue in the future.

In accordance with National Armed Forces radio communications concept, all regular forces and National Guard units use Harris Falcon-II and Falcon-III series radio equipment. The first radios of this kind were supplied to the National Armed Forces in 1999.


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