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Betsafe: To Latvia from the Heart has laughable chance of entering next Saeima

Inguna Sudraba/flickr.com/Saeima.
With declining ratings, Inguna Sudraba’s party To Latvia from The Heart has been left with laughable chances of entering the next Saeima, Betsafe bookmakers say.

The chances of the party overcoming the 5% barrier in October’s Saeima elections are around 10%.

Initially Sudraba’s party had seven representatives in the 12th Saeima. Silvija Šimfa and Arvīds Platpers left the faction at the beginning of December, leaving the faction with a minimal number of members. Ringolds Balodis now leans towards leaving the party. He is one of the most notable members of the To Latvia from The Heart. This is his way of protesting against Sudraba’s work in the parliamentary investigative committee for the Oligarchs case. This means the remaining four members of the party will have to spend the remaining months of the 12th Saeima as independent deputies, BNN was told by bookmakers.

The party’s fractured state is a serious blow for its future perspectives, Betsafe states. The party’s influence will surely decline, as will its ability to increase its popularity. This is because it will lose resources provided to Saeima’s factions, which includes consultants, cars and offices, as well as the ability to participate in meetings of different committees. To submit legislative drafts to the Saeima, there have to be signatures in support of it from at least five members of the parliament. Unfortunately for To Latvia from The Heart, it is left with only four.

Betsafe also notes that the party’s rating has fluctuated between 1% and 2% for a long time. Sudraba’s approval as the head of the parliamentary investigative committee did not help. If anything, it only hurt the party’s image. Resource-wise, To Latvia from the Heart is also the poorest party in the Saeima, which is demonstrated by continuously declining donations. The only hope for them is finding new and popular people to become its candidates for upcoming Saeima elections. But it is hard to imagine people going into politics through Sudraba’s party, bookmakers concluded.


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