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Foster families in Latvia to receive larger benefits

Photo: pixabay.com.
Municipal administrations have a duty to pay larger benefits for child care when children are put in foster families, Latvian Welfare Ministry reports.

This means benefits for children aged under seven will be EUR 215, for children aged between seven and eighteen benefits will be EUR 258 (in accordance with minimal wage EUR 430 in 2018).

This is provided by amendments to Cab. Reg. No. 1036 – Regulations for Foster Families approved by the government on Tuesday, 16 January.

«Child support benefits will be calculated the same way the country calculates subsistence minimum. Every month parents should be paid benefits for every child regardless of their financial state. With that, benefits for child care will be doubled (both parents are to be provided with subsistence finances) amount of minimal subsistence amount for each child depending on their age,» explains the ministry.

According to data from the State Inspectorate for Protection of Children’s Rights, as of October 2017 there were 387 children under the age of seven and 811 children aged seven to eighteen living in foster families around Latvia.


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