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Family doctors in Latvian regions still experience problems with e-health system

Family doctors are still unable to use the e-health system because of problems and errors with its functionality.

Doctor Anna Piebalga, who has been using the system since November, has noticed that the system functioned fine in autumn. However, from January onward, when all medical institutions connected to it, functionality started to suffer considerably.

«We would like the system to function more quickly,» said the doctor, explaining that while writing e-prescriptions takes around three minutes, the process is still too long.

Paid assistance software is used to prepare e-prescriptions. It makes the process simpler as long as no problems appear with the system itself, Piebalga adds. However, illness or disability certificates require the system to be online.

Doctor Ināra Celmiņa in Baldone admits there are still major functionality problems with e-health system. Still, she adds the situation becomes better with each passing day.

Doctor Regīna Šeine working in Ozolnieki Couty, however, is much more critical about the system. «I think the ones who developed software programme that doesn’t work in the 21st century deserve being investigated and punished,» she said.

Šeine mentioned that when writing e-prescriptions, it is not possible to check medicine discounts. Because of that, not all necessary information is provided to pharmacies. This means a single e-prescription has to be updated multiple times. There are also problems reported with contacting the system’s support service.


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