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Non-Citizens Congress initiator: Yes, enough to shoot at one-third of the Saeima

During a search in the home of Non-Citizens Congress initiator Jurijs Aleksejevs, against whom a criminal process is launched for fostering national hate, Latvian Security Police found pistol ammunition.

As Aleksejevs wrote in Segodna newspaper, two small bags containing 16 and 18 pistol rounds were found in his apartment. «Yes, enough to shoot at one-third of the Saeima,» he ironically said about Security Police’s find. He claims the ammunition found in his apartment were part of a provocation from special services. He does own a firearm, but of a different calibre than the ammunition found by authorities. He says he knows nothing of the pistol rounds found by police.

Aleksejevs also criticizes Security Police for exacting pressure on him, attempting to force crimes he has not committed, because during the interview police officers showed him photos of his own children naked. Those photos were taken from his personal computer and shown in an attempt to make it seem like child pornography.

Aleksejevs also mentioned again that he had never anonymously written any hateful comments on the internet. He said it could be a provocation used to upload some remote control software on his computer. He thinks Security Police could have accessed his home, because one year ago he was called to Security Police and was forced to hand over all items that were on him before entering. This includes keys to his home, which could have been copied while he was occupied.

As previously reported by LTV, Security Police launched a criminal process against the journalist in November 2017 based on internet comments supposedly posted by Aleksejevs and aimed at fostering national, ethnic or racial hate.

Security Police also notes that measures were taken against one person on Monday, 18 December. Aleksejevs confirmed in a conversation with LTV that he is a suspect in the case. He explained that authorities have also performed a search in his home. He denied writing comments in question.

«Aleksejevs was chief editor in multiple printed media. He currently works as head of IMHOclub portal. In the period between 2005 and 2009 he served as member of Riga City Council from For Human Rights in United Latvia. He is one of the initiators behind the Non-Citizens’ Congress,» the programme reports.


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