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Constitution Protection Bureau director not offered to stay for another term

Jānis Maizītis/skaties.lv.
Constitution Protection Bureau’s director Jānis Maizītis has yet to receive any tangible offers to remain for a second term in his post, as the official confirmed in his interview to Krustpunktā programme of Latvijas Radio.

Maizītis’ term ends in spring. He said that a candidate to lead the bureau has to have their own position and support from Latvia’s President Raimonds Vējoņis’ led National Security Commission.

«Only then will it be possible to commence discussions. This is not about want. Nevertheless, I have yet to be given any specific offers. The rest is in the hands of politicians. How politicians reach an agreement – it’s not my business,» said Maizītis.

On 29 November, Latvia’s president told journalists that picking candidates to lead the bureau is not among his priorities. However, he did say that this matter would be tackled in 2018.

«I will not hold a beauty contest. The National Security Commission will discuss a number of candidates and will make an appropriate decision,» said Vējonis.

The president also mentioned that he would not object if Maizītis decides to remain in his post for a second term.


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