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Crisis Management Council declared nation-wide natural catastrophe in Latvia’s forestry

Photo: pixabay.com.
At the end of 2017 the Crisis Management Council declared a nation-wide catastrophe in the country’s forestry, as reported by Agriculture Ministry.

Considering weather conditions, because of which it has been hard to work in the industry and transport wood from forests, Latvian Association of Independent Timber Harvesting Companies and Latvian Forest Owners Association have asked the Cabinet of Ministers to declare a state of emergency in the industry.

«Because there is no objective reason to initiate the Law on Emergency Situation and State of Exception, but the existing legislative regulations are sufficient for crisis management, the Crisis Management Council did not support declaration of state of emergency in forestry. In accordance with Civil Protection and Disaster Management Law, the decision has been made, admitting that the damage caused by autumn rainfall and floods to be defined as a nation-wide natural disaster. This provides the opportunity for forestry and related companies to associate it with the definition of unstoppable force, as detailed in the Civil Law,» the ministry reports.

Agriculture Ministry’s Forest Department Director Arvīds Ozols notes that this does not mean automatic rejection of legal commitments. «It is an invitation for involved sides in the event if poor weather conditions cause problems in forestry. Considering the current situation, this will help find solutions to existing problems. There are two ways this situation could develop. The first – partners admit objective conditions and work together to find the best possible solution, which would be the best outcome, all things considered. The second – one of the partners refuses to admit it and instead decides to search for a solution in court.»

The ministry reminds that forestry encompasses forest management in a full forest-growing cycle, timber production preparation and trade. Work performed by forestry companies include planting, pruning, felling, and delivery of timber.


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