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Latvian Border Guard to be given right to register data on all people crossing country’s border

Photo: flickr.com/sbamueller.
The government plans to provide the State Border Guard with the right to register and save information about all persons crossing Latvia’s border, as confirmed by Interior Affairs Ministry.

On Thursday, 4 January, the Cabinet of Ministers supported the legislative draft regarding amendments to the State Border Law of the Republic of Latvia. Amendments provide for delegating to the Cabinet of Ministers the development of rules that would provide the State Border Guard the right to register and store information about all people crossing Latvia’s border, including information from their travel documents and driven vehicles.

Amendments will come into force after their approval in the Saeima, the ministry reports.

The current regulations permit registering information only from third-country nationals that cross Latvia’s external border.

Information regarding all people crossing Latvia’s border will help identify person that could potentially create risks for the country’s security, public order and health, the ministry reports.

In addition, this information will be used by State Border Guard and other law enforcement institutions for risk assessments and preventive measures.

Interior Affairs Ministry reports that border checkpoint inspections are but one of the tools intended to be used to prevent potential state security, terrorism and public safety risks.


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