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Ex-corruption watchdog: Sudraba and Leja behaved like «oligarch mafia’s extensions» at meeting

Juta Strīķe/facebook.com.
Chairperson of Saeima’s Oligarchs case Parliamentary Investigatory Committee Inguna Sudraba and prosecutor Māris Leja behaved like «extensions of oligarch mafia» during the last closed meeting, said former deputy chief of Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB) and current member of Riga City Council Juta Strīķe.

«It is completely clear: both Sudraba and Leja behaved like oligarchs’ puppets and mafia extensions,» said Strīķe, adding that the prosecutor spent hours trying to ask a question, the context of which implied Sudraba had done something wrong by keeping such important people occupied with the committee’s questions.

Strīķe said the meeting was an opportunity for her personally to observe how people who serve oligarchs behave in real life.

She said that certain experts of the committee also serve narrow interests. She also asked which hotel will be used this time to prepare the committee’s final report.

«I have a proposal to finish off this mafia structure. The only way to do this is by changing the country’s existing government. I don’t see any other option,» said the politician.

Today’s meeting of the committee was rather chaotic, as members of the committee and invited experts could not reach an agreement on whether or not the meeting should have been a closed one. Disagreements also revolved around other matters.


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