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Riga Mayor claims the number of Latvian supporters of Harmony has increased

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The number of Latvian-speaking supporters of Harmony had increased during 2017 Riga City Council elections, said Mayor of Riga and leader of Harmony party Nils Ušakovs in an interview to Segodna newspaper.

Ušakovs said that a careful analysis of election results was performed. Now, he says, it is clear in which districts Harmony has suffered a decline in supporters and in which districts the party has experienced an increase. For example, Harmony won for the first time in Vecaki. The number of the party’s supporters also increased in Teika. Ušakovs also said that Harmony received support from 60% Russian-speaking voters and 40% Latvian-speaking voters.

Data from surveys performed at the end of August and beginning of September shows that Harmony is the most popular party among Russian and Latvian-speaking residents in Riga.

According to data from the Central Election Commission, Harmony/Honour to Serve Riga received 50.82% support, gaining 32 seats in Riga City Council at the last municipal elections.


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