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Former economy minister: healthcare restrictions should be lifted by Constitutional Court

Daniels Pavļuts/flickr.com/Frank-Jurgen Richter.
Saeima’s decision to take away the right for regular healthcare from hundreds of thousands of Latvian residents is a breach of the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia, says head of Kustība Par! political association Daniels Pavļuts.

The political association has plans to challenge restrictions proposed by the State President and approved by the Saeima in the Constitutional Court.

«This law will deny 300 thousand Latvian residents categorized as tax avoiders the right to receive regular healthcare if they do not pay an ‘insurance’ fee worth 5% of annual minimal wage. Kustība Par!  and Progressives, Latvian Medical Association and many other public health organizations and human rights protectors has recently invited the president to send the recently approved Healthcare Funding Law back to the Saeima for a repeated viewing,» the party explains.

Members of the party believe the approved law is a breach of socially responsible state government principle and the government’s duty to protect residents’ health detailed in the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia. «This does not comply with Latvia’s, as a member of the European Union and European Council, duties to raise the level of health protection.»

Pavļuts emphasizes: «Unfortunately, the president has decided to not hear our arguments. This is why we will have to overturn this decision through the Constitutional Court.»

Denying healthcare to hundreds of thousands in order to combat crime is unfair, illegal and ineffective. A great number of people are at risk of being excluded from regular healthcare. Many of them will have no fallback due to the lack of money, the party continues.

Kustība Par! supports the commitment detailed in the first sections of the law on raising the level of funding for healthcare by diverting part of state social insurance revenue and allocating at least 4% of the country’s GDP to healthcare in 2020.

«However, the healthcare restriction law puts at risk the most socially and financially unprotected members of society, making doctors basically serve as finance police. This is unacceptable, and we will act to overturn this decision in court,» says Pavļuts.


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