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State Employment Agency offers to train specialists for employers

Photo: pixabay.com.
If a company requires specific specialists, Latvian State Employment Agency (SEA) can prepare specialists for employers on demand by providing necessary training to unemployed people within any available training programme, the agency states.

Training following requests from employers is organized and financed by SEA. Training of required specialists was provided in 2017 following requests from eighteen employers in nineteen different education programmes.

«If an employer requires training of specialists in professions not covered by programmes available for SEA, procurement is organized for a specific training programme. If an employer requires workers whose training requires entirely new education programmes, the education institution and the employer work together to prepare specialists,» SEA explains.

To train necessary specialists, the employer has to submit a request to their local SEA office in order to participate in the Training on employer’s demand project, which is financed by the European Social Fund.  The employer has to submit a written request to SEA. In it, the employer has to provide the name of the private or legal person, contact information, requested education programme or qualification, the number of unemployed people to be trained, requirements for candidates, wages that will be paid after training is done, as well as any other required information. To make sure employers are confident about the compliance of chosen candidates with requirements set by the company in need of specialists, the employer participates in candidate selection and picks the most appropriate candidates.

Once candidates are picked, SEA and the employer sign a contract in which rights, responsibility and contract completion terms are explained.

During the education process, the employer can offer work experience in their company to ensure appropriate training fits the company’s requirements. Once training is complete, the employer has to take on the new specialist and have them work for the company for no less than six months.


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