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Latvian State Police confiscates 1.58 million illegal cigarettes

Photo: State Revenue Service.
Latvian authorities discovered and closed down an illegal cigarette production plant from which cigarettes with no excise tax labels were being exported to the European market for a long time. Police confiscated 1.68 million illegal cigarettes. Their realization in the country would cause damage to the state budget worth approximately EUR 165,000, as reported by State Police.

One person has been detained as a suspect. A search has been launched to locate and apprehend another suspect. The investigation of this criminal process continues.

In summer 2017 State Police received information of an illegal cigarette production plant located somewhere in Latvia, producing Richman brand cigarettes with no excise labels for the European market. Upon checking information, officers of State Police Organized Crime Prevention Office found out that cigarettes were being producer and sold under the cover of a legal business.

«Our suspicions about an illegal cigarette business in Europe only increased after 12 October, when customs officers in Sweden detained a cargo containing 1.4 million cigarettes of the same brand the State Police had received information about in Latvia,» police emphasize.

After performing investigative measures, police discovered the location where illegal cigarettes were being stored. A search in this location revealed 1.68 million Richman brand cigarettes, which were later confiscated. A search was also performed in the cigarette plant responsible for producing illegal cigarettes.

One 1974-born man was taken in as a suspect. A manhunt was organized for another one. The investigation continues.


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