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Latvian sports organizations to adopt additional anti-doping measures

In accordance with the initiative from Latvian Sports Federation Council (LSFC), a contract has been signed with National Center of Sports Medicine for anti-doping measures in Latvia and outside for high-class athletes that participate in international sports competitions, as confirmed by LSFC representatives.

Through cooperation with Education and Science Ministry, is has been possible to double funding for LSFC. This means EUR 20,000 for doping control measures.

LSFC President Einars Fogelis says doping control measures are intended to make it clear to sports federations that Latvian athletes follow all rules and do not consume doping.

Contracts signed with sports federations provide that members of those federations are well-informed of the responsibility they carry if they allow violations to occur during sports competitions, and that they have to comply with the World Anti-Doping Code and Cabinet Requirements on Doping Control.

To help sports organizations achieve this goal, as well as protect the future of children and youngsters in sport, LSFC and National Center of Sports Medicine plan to organize informative events for coaches and federation representatives.

«The health of Latvian athletes is more valuable than any Olympic medal. We are doing all we can to restore belief in Olympic values and fair play. Athletes are also responsible for making sure prohibited substances do not enter their bodies. Our objective is making sure athletes know how to protect themselves,» says Forgelis.


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