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Latvian Security Police investigates case against Non-Citizens’ Congress initiator

Jury Aleksejev/facebook.com.
Security Police commenced a criminal process against former journalist and initiator of the Non-Citizens’ Congress Jury Aleksejev at the end of November, as reported by Panorāma programme of LTV.

The criminal process against Aleksejev was launched based on internet correspondence potentially aimed at causing national, ethnic or racial hate.

Security Police told the programme that «the criminal process was launched in regards to comments inviting ‘ending all fascist bastards’. According to the author, representatives of several nationalities fit this description. In addition, the author also wrote words of hate towards one nation’s language, calling it a fascist language».

Security Police also notes that measures were taken against one person on Monday, 18 December. Aleksejev confirmed in a conversation with LTV that he is a suspect in the case. He explained that authorities have also performed a search in his home. He denied writing comments in question.

«Aleksejev was chief editor in multiple printed media. He currently works as head of IMHOclub portal. In the period between 2005 and 2009 he served as member of Riga City Council from For Human Rights in United Latvia. He is one of the initiators behind the Non-Citizens’ Congress,» the programme reports.



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