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Latvian residents’ opinion of government’s work remains negative

Latvian residents voiced the biggest degree of dissatisfaction about the development of the situation in Latvia and the work performed by the government. Although the previous evaluation of government’s work had increased by four points, it has since declined by two points, according to data from Baltic International Bank’s Latvian Barometer.

Data shows that only 18% of Latvian respondents view the government’s work positively, whereas 77% of them remain dissatisfied.

A slightly more positive tendency is observed in the evaluation of Latvia’s economic situation and predictions for future development. Evaluation of Latvia’s economic state has improved from -29 to -28.

Representatives of the study add that the index for predictions of improvement of Latvia’s economic state has not changed during the month (-5). The majority of respondents still believe that the situation will only become worse.

In the question regarding the financial state of respondents’ families, 29% voiced their overall dissatisfaction with their current state, whereas only 13% said their current financial state is positive. When asked if their material state could change in a year, only 19% of respondents were optimistic about this perspective. 11% were pessimistic. Compared with the previous month, this index has improved from +2 to +4.

According to survey data, only 7% of respondents believe they have good chances of finding a good job, whereas 60% of respondents are more critical of their chances. It should be noted that the index for chances of finding a good job has worsened: from -35 to -36.


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