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Latvian Association of Regions decides against working with For Latvia’s Development political party

It was decided at a meeting of representatives of Latvian Association of Regions (LAR) that the party will not work with For Latvia’s Development. The party has also decided to start in 13th Saeima elections with its own list of candidates.

«The decision was made because the two political organizations have different goals and views in regards to Latvia’s future. LAR will form its own list of candidates. Latvia’s political arena is changing. Centrist and European-oriented political forces are starting to fall apart and a certain political spectrum is starting to show dangerous fragmentation. Because of that LAR has decided to join forces with similarly-minded parties and associations to form a strong, centrist and European-oriented political association widely represented in Latvia’s regions,» LAR representatives explain.

Deputy chairman of LAR Andrejs Ence said at the meeting: «Considering the party’s decision to decline any form of cooperation with political party For Latvia’s Development, LAR representatives decided against working with this party. Their proposed cooperation agreement was unacceptable because certain important and previously discussed points were absent from the final document. It also lacked any reference of shared values and objectives to be realized in the interest of Latvia’s society.»

Ence also said that the proposed agreement basically ensured the liquidation of LAR as a political party. «For Latvia’s Development also played a major role in the decision-making process. The party’s proposed policy is completely unacceptable for parties and associations forming our political party. Controversial reputation of certain members of For Latvia’s Development also played a part.»

LAR’s main goals include securing balanced development of Latvia’s regions, prevention of tax rise, establishment of state-paid healthcare minimum and increase of non-taxable minimum. Latvia’s future depends on the development of the entire country, not just a couple of regions or cities, the party explains.


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