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Ex-Interior Ministry’s state secretary offered becoming a candidate to manage Eastern Hospital

lze Pētersone-Godmane/flickr.com.
The only offer extended to the now former state secretary of Latvia’s Interior Affairs Ministry Ilze Pētersone-Godmane to help her stay in state administration was the offer to become a candidate for the most of head of Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital, as reported by Latvijas Avīze.

Latvian Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis received an official request, asking him about the posts that were offered to Pētersone-Godmane to help her remain in state administration.

It was mentioned in the reply that the prime minister and the former ministry’s official had met in September. The two had discussed the offer for Pētersone-Godmane to become a candidate for the post of chairperson of Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital.

As it is known, Pētersone-Godmane’s permit to access official secrets was not extended in the first half of the week. Because of that, she decided to step down as state secretary of Latvia’s Interior Affairs Ministry on 8 July.

The prime minister said that Pētersone-Godmane would be offered a new post in state administration – one of the ministries in need of a highly-qualified leader. On 18 October, however, he told 900 seconds programme that offers extended to the former state secretary were not competitive.

«State administration cannot afford paying what the private sector can offer. Pētersone-Godmane picked a better-paid job because none of the offers were competitive. Perhaps they were post-reform promises,» said the prime minister.

In November, Pētersone-Godmane was approved as the chairperson of Latvijas gāze’s subsidiary Gaso. This company was founded at the end of 2017 to serve as operator of transmission services separated from Latvijas gāze.


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