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Saeima rejects proposal on lowering entry bar for parliamentary elections

Gunārs Kūtris/flickr.com.
Reviewing amendments to the Saeima Elections Law, deputies declined Gunārs Kūtris’ proposal to lower the entry barrier for next year’s parliamentary elections from 5% to 3%.

Deputies also declined another one of Kūtris’ proposal – permitting voters to write in ballots candidates from other candidate lists. This proposal was previously rejected by Saeima’s Public Administration and Local Government Committee.

Amendments supported in the second reading provide for allowing the Central Election Commission to decide on whether or not to go through the contents of voting boxes in which the number of envelopes exceeds the number of voters.

Amendments state – if the number of envelopes in a voting box exceeds the number of registered voters in a region, the election commission makes an entry in the journal and informs the city’s or county’s election office.

CEC will decide on results of viewing contents of such boxes.


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