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Cimdars: there are concerns about qualifications of people working at election sites

Arnis Cimdars/flickr.com/Foreign Ministery.
If wages of people working at election sites is not increased, serious concerns about people’s qualifications will appear, said chairman of the Central Election Commission Arnis Cimdars in an interview to 900 seconds programme of LNT.

He says that concerns appear because wages paid now do not fit the standard for average wages. While average wages in the country have grown 50% in the past ten years, wages for employees of election sites have grown only 6%.

According to Cimdars, election commissions have employees who earn fixed wages in their everyday lives. Working in the commission causes people to lose income.

Still, there is no risk of a situation appearing when there is no one to work at election sites. Nevertheless, the main concern is about qualifications of those people and their ability to provide quality services to voters.

Saeima’s Budget and Finance Committee declined in November CEC’s proposal to increase funding for members of election sites by EUR 324,000 from the state budget in 2018.

Cimdars previously said: «Nearly 10,000 people are employed in election commissions all around Latvia during elections. Preparation of elections – it includes working on Saturdays, Sundays and several weeks ahead of elections. Election commission employees often have to skip work, losing wages, and work night shifts and in conditions of increased stress. This is why we think people who work in this field should be provided with adequate wages.»


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