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Survey: Vējoņis’ work is viewed positively by more than 60% of Latvians

Raimonds Vējoņis/president.lv.
More than 60% of Latvia residents view the work performed by Latvian President Raimonds Vējoņis positively, as reported by Diena with reference to the latest data from SKDS.

12.3% of Latvians are very positive about the president’s work, and 50.8% of residents are more likely positive. 16.4% are more likely negative than positive, and 4.2% are very negative. Only 0.8% of respondents said they do not know the president’s name, notes Diena.

Survey data shows that chairman of For Latvia and Ventspils Aivars Lembergs and leader of Harmony Nils Ušakovs are also quite popular with Latvians. Lembergs’ rating in the survey is 23, whereas Ušakovs’ rating is 19.7%.

Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis’ rating is 4.8, but his popularity is relatively high. 39.8% view his work more likely positively, whereas 35% of residents are negative.

Jānis Bordāns and Daniels Pavļuts also have positive ratings – 1.3 and 0.7, respectively.

Riga City Council deputy Juta Strīķe is at the bottom of the list. Survey results show that her rating is minus 18.1. The rating of deputy Artuss Kaimiņš is also minus 16.1. Mārtiņš Bondars has the third lowest rating – minus 14.4.

Other politicians that received negative rating include Augusts Brigmanis (-12.2), Inguna Sudraba (-10.5), Raivis Dzintars (-6.5), Arvils Ašeradens (-4.8) and Saeima speaker Ināra Mūrniece (-3.1).

The survey was performed by SKDS following an order from Diena.


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