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Minister considers merging two large state hospitals in Latvia

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There is no specific plan for a possible merge between Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital and P.Stradins Clinical University Hospital, but he thought is in consideration, says Latvian Healthcare Minister Anda Čakša.

The minister admits that Healthcare Ministry does not have a plan at present. It is unclear when this could happen. Čakša is confident that cooperation between hospitals is vital for raising healthcare quality.

The minister believes municipal and state hospitals have to cooperate with one another. The minister also explains that unlike other municipalities that mostly have municipal hospitals, Riga has both.

To provide patients more quality of services, the ministry believes state hospitals should cooperate with Riga hospitals. Officials also consider ways of ensuring cooperation between existing state hospitals in Riga. «This would make sure that hospitals do not compete with one another. On top of that, it would help raise the quality of services,» said Čakša.

In an interview to Diena, Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis said that to ensure more efficient use of financial and other resources, Riga Clinical University Hospital and P.Stradins Clinical University Hospital should join forces, not compete with one another.


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