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First influenza infection cases registered in Latvia this winter season

Photo: pixabay.com.
A total of four influence infection cases have been registered in Latvia so far, according to data from Disease Prevention and Control Centre. SPKC has commenced an annual monitoring of influenza and other upper respiratory infections.

First data shows that family doctors received information about three infection cases from 70 surveyed families last week. Two weeks prior, on the other hand, information was received about one infection case from a total of 65 surveyed families.

1,041 cases of upper respiratory infections were registered per 100,000 last week. This is slightly more than a week before. The majority of those cases are for children under the age of four.

As reported by SPKC representative Ilze Arāja, the number of infection cases may yet increase in December. An epidemiological increase is expected in January. At the same time, she adds that those are only predictions – the real situation may be very different.


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