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Kalniete: Europe’s agriculture policy must not be ‘nationalized’

Sandra Kalniete/EPP Group in the European Parliament.
European Union Common Agricultural Policy must not be ‘nationalized’ to create unfair advantages for farmers from rich member states. Europe’s policy should be unified, said MEP Sandra Kalniete, commenting European Commission’s report for the future of food and agriculture sector.

EU Commissioner for Agriculture Phil Hogan published EU agriculture policy reform proposal on Wednesday, 28 November.

«The policy’s central pillar is a greater degree of responsibility for member states to allow them to decide where to invest available funding. To reach environment, climate change and sustainable growth goals established for Europe, member states will have to develop and coordinate with the EC strategic plans for the agriculture policy. EC will pay more attention to results accomplished through the policy and not limit itself solely to compliance control,» as mentioned in the proposal.

The commission believes «CAP should fulfil its role by following the principle – equality among all member states, big and small, east and west, north and south. This is why differences in support provided by this policy should be reduced among member states.»

Sandra Kalniete proposes to be realistic, «because a hole the size of EUR 100 billion will appear after Brexit. This will only increase EU’s need for investments in security and external policy. This is why it is impossible to predict the outcome of debates regarding EU’s financial future and what resources farmers can expect to receive.»

The deputy invites interested sides in Latvia – the government, Saeima, European Parliament and industry organizations – to cooperate and speak in one voice to secure the best possible result for Latvia in talks regarding CAP and multi-year budget.


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