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Lithuania and Latvia placed in top 10 in climate policy index

Image: Germanwatch.

In the annual Climate Change Performance Index, where climate policy action in 57 countries has been evaluated, on a scale from «very high» to «very low», 11 EU member states have been evaluated with as having been highly active, with Sweden showing the best results ahead of Lithuania, the UK, Finland and Latvia.

Belgian news portal EurActiv reports that Wendel Trio from one of the organisations involved in the research, the Climate Action Network Europe, was not optimistic as he commented: «The report reveals that the EU vows commitment to the Paris Agreement but avoids real climate action at home. The EU needs to translate words into action and commit to deeper emission cuts than currently foreseen.»

Researchers have left the top three spots of the index empty and reasoned that no country worldwide has done enough across the 14 indicators evaluated in order to be classed in the «very high» section.

Industrially-developed countries Japan, China, the United States and Korea were all judged to have done little just as other world powers Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia.


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