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Jaunups: Lembergs no longer has major influence over UGF to get him picked for the coalition

Edgars Jaunups/skaties.lv.
Concerns about possible cooperation between Union of Greens and Farmers and Harmony in the next government are nothing more than infantile and amateurish pre-election slogan intended for poorly-informed voters, says For Latvia’s Development board member Edgars Jaunups.

At the same time, he notes that perhaps this is what Aivars Lembergs wants, but he no longer has the kind of influence over the party he once had to pull off something like that.

He says every person who anything about Latvia’s politics understands that «getting a decision to let Harmony join UGF would be as impossible as it would be for this party to join the National Alliance».

«The average UGF deputy in the Saeima is such a big national that they do not seem all that different from members of NA. Aivars Lembergs may want such a coalition, but he has long since lost the influence he once had over UGF to dictate the partners to form the coalition,» says Jaunups.

The politician is confident that UGF faction leader Augusts Brigmanis would never agree to form a coalition with Harmony, because he is «already an old man and he now thinks more about concluding his political career». In spite of his experience working in the Soviet Union, Brigmanis has spent the last twenty years building up his image of a national politician, says Jaunups.

«I view this hysteria caused by journalists and Unity members only as part of some pre-election campaign,» said For Latvia’s Development board member, adding that UGF and Brigmanis are dangerous for Latvia for other reasons – they keep the country in a state of stagnation.

«We are behind not only Estonia but also Lithuania. People continue leaving and pessimism continues growing,» says the politician.


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