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Barometer: Christmas markets in Riga recognized as the largest in Europe

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This year, Riga will have the most affordable Christmas markets in Europe. Estimates shows that spending time at such markets at a weekend will cost two people around GBP 504 or EUR 570.33, according to the Christmas markets barometer data.

A weekend in Munich, which is the second most affordable destination for British tourists, would cost two people GBP 525 (EUR 594.09). Lille in France is the third most affordable destination – a Christmas weekend there would cost GBP 532 (EUR 602.01). Tallinn follows closely with GBP 563 (EUR 637.09). The Top 5 ends with Prague, where a Christmas weekend for two would cost GBP 674 (EUR 762.70).

A Christmas weekend would be the most expensive in Stockholm, where costs can reach GBP 854 (EUR 966.39).

In previous years, Riga was put on fourth and second place.

This barometer compiled information about airline tickets to and from London, the cost of spending two nights in a place of accommodation, travel costs for two from the airport and back, three-course support with wine, as well as the price of coffee and snacks at Christmas markets.

The study was performed based on information provided by Riga Tourism Development Bureau and British Post Office’s Christmas markets barometer.


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