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Kučinskis: adoption process should be sped up for families

Māris Kučinskis/flickr.com/State Chancellery.
Currently there are hundreds of families waiting to adopt children. This process should be sped up, says Latvian Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis.

Detailing the experiment performed in the state social care centre in Riga and its results, the prime minister told Aizliegtais paņēmiens programme of Latvijas Radio and LTV that Welfare Minister Jānis Reirs had reported problems found in this centre two weeks ago and had promised to fix them.

At the same time, Kučinskis said the aforementioned case does bring to light certain problems associated with family politics.

«It is easy to say that we are progressing towards providing a family-like environment for all children. At the same time, however, we see that we are too slow in realizing this goal, because there are hundreds of families still waiting for adoption approval. I cannot say activities to achieve this goal were properly organized. This process should be sped up and more focus should be put on it,» said the prime minister.

Kučinskis thanked the media that continue reporting different social problems politicians forget about or ignore, making it clear that those problems have to be resolved.

«I am thankful that the media are able to reveal things we do not see. It is important to make sure this does not become the norm. I see it as cooperation to ensure state development. It is important to respond to such violations,» said the prime minister.

According to him, focus should be put on violations in the social field and others. As an example he mentioned problems in the field of insolvency, which were frequently mentioned by the media and investors in the past. «The State Revenue Service performs active work with businessmen, and I see the light at the end of this particular tunnel. This is not a one-day task,» said the prime minister.

As part of an experiment, a journalist of Aizliegtais paņēmiens worked as a nanny at VSAC Rīga for two weeks. The main objective of the experiment was finding out what kind of care is provided to children who end up in an orphanage. On the first day it was shown how to take care of small children. For example, it was shown that bottles are put in children’s mouths while they lie in bed, without holding them in arms.

The experiment also revealed that the group that consisted of newborns and children under the age of one also had one 2-year-old girl. In addition, children spend most of their time indoors. Children have no idea what happens outside of the orphanage because workers rarely take them outside or don’t do that at all.

Nurses, specialists and other workers seemed to take their jobs only formally. The journalist also observed that workers are often too busy with mobile phones or documents to bother with children. Children receive no attention except for diaper change times and feeding times.


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