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Delna sues Lembergs for undermining reputation

Aivars Lembergs/aivarslembergs.lv.
Delna association has turned to Ventspils Court with a plea against politician Aivars Lembergs for reporting false and defamatory information about Delna.

The organization wants Lembergs to withdraw his statements and apologize.

Delna explains that during a press-conference on 2 November 2016 titled «Personnel selection policy in the country has degraded to idiocy», footage from which is available on YouTube, Lembergs mentioned Delna multiple times, saying that «Delna is an organization of three members and its financed by foreign special services». That same month, 30 November, Lembergs mentioned during the press-conference «Is Delna a political organization? Legally – no, basically – yes!» that «Its [Delna] council is in the hands of political figures».

Delna says that Lembergs’ statements are untrue, unjustified and negatively affect the organization’s reputation.

On 14 December 2016, Delna had submitted a complaint to Ventspils City Council and Lembergs personally, asking those statements to be withdrawn and for an official apology to follow. This request was ignored. Because of that, Delna has decided to turn to court.

The first session is scheduled for 23 November at Ventspils Court. Delna’s case will be represented pro bono by sworn attorney Andris Tauriņš from Sorainen law firm.


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