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Kučinskis reluctant to declare state of emergency in Latvia’s agricultural sector

Māris Kučinskis/flickr.com/Saeima.
Latvian Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis currently sees no reason to declare a state of emergency in the country’s agricultural sector.

On Tuesday, 7 November, Kučinskis mentioned in an interview to Rīta Panorāma that during one of the last discussions in Latgale he learned that not all people are satisfied with compensations. Nevertheless, declaration of a state of emergency in all of Latvia would not serve as a good instrument for successful talks with creditors.

The Farmers Saeima has plans to hold an extraordinary meeting on Tuesday, 7 November. At this meeting, a discussion will be held in regards to the possibility of asking the government to declare a state of emergency in Latvia’s agricultural sector, as previously mentioned by deputy chairman of Farmers Saeima Maira Dzelzkalēja-Burmistre.

«We will likely discuss the request for the government to declare a state of emergency,» she said.

She said that a declaration of a state of emergency in Latvia would make it easier for farmers to resolve talks with creditors. It would also help the government to estimate the losses caused by terrible weather conditions.

«The main reason why the situation is so bad is that the state has not invested enough in maintenance and reconstruction of melioration systems,» adds Dzelzkalēja-Burmistre.

She also says next year’s spring will be especially difficult for farmers because many farms may lack resources to start a new season.

As it is known, the government has approved the payment of EUR 14.87 million from the state budget in compensations to Latvian farmers for damages caused by floods. It is also planned to allocate EUR 98,300 for the Rural Support Service and EUR 13,285 for Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre to cover unexpected costs associated with floods.

Because of lasting intense rainfall, a state of emergency has been declared in 29 parishes of Latvia, including Aglona, Baltinava, Balva, Cibla, Dagda, Daugavpil, Ilūkste, Kārsava, Krāslava, Līvāni, Ludza, Preiļi, Rēzekne, Riebiņi, Rugāji, Vārkava, Viļaka, Viļāni, Zilupe, Alūksne, Jēkabpils, Madona, Lubāna, Gulbene, Cesvaine, Varakļāni, Krustpils, Sala and Aknīste.


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