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Saeima supports additional funding for pre-election broadcasts in commercial media

Sergejs Dolgopolovs/flickr.com/Saeima.
On Tuesday, 31 October, Saeima’s Public Administration and Local Government Committee unanimously supported Central Election Commission’s proposal regarding additional funding for election commission members’ remuneration.

Also members of the Saeima committee supported National Electronic Mass Media Council’s proposal for allocation of additional funding to Saeima’s pre-election broadcasts in commercial media.

«We discussed it in the committee and agreed to push the proposal forward. We believe it is important to consider the organizational process for elections, its efficiency and the motivation of election commission employees. It is also important to make sure residents are able to follow pre-election discussions not just in public, but also commercial media. Political forces should have equal rights to reach out to their voters through pre-election programmes,» says Public Administration and Local Government Committee’s chairman Sergejs Dolgopolovs.

The committee decided to submit the proposal on allocation of additional funding of EUR 324,000 to CEC and EUR 145,000 to NELP as part of the next year’s budget project to Saeima’s Budget and Finance Committee. The chosen source of funding is the budget for emergencies.

Additional funding for CEC is needed so that it is possible to increase wages for election commission and election site employees, which have remained unchanged since 2007, CEC chairman Arnis Cimdars told committee members during the meeting.

Considering low wages, CEC is worried if it is possible to continue forming election commissions with qualified workers and what effect this could have on the upcoming Saeima elections.

NEPLP member Gunta Līdaka informed deputies that additional funding for commercial media will be used to realize public orders on keeping residents informed about election processes.


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