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Minister proposes ban on adoption of children from foster families by foreigners

Jānis Reirs/flickr.com.
Latvian Welfare Minister Jānis Reirs has submitted a proposal for a ban on adoption of children from foster families by foreigners.

Reirs announced this proposal at today’s Latvian foster families’ forum. This proposal was welcomed with applause.

The minister explains that he has submitted this proposal to the Saeima’s second reading the next year’s state budget. This proposal offers introducing a ban on adoption of children living in foster families by foreigners to live outside of Latvia.

«The Civil Law states that adoption and subsequent transportation of children to foreign countries can only be carried out in the event if family-like environment cannot be provided here,» said the minister, adding that a family-like environment can be provided in a biological family, foster family or if the child ends up being adopted.

Reirs says he submitted amendments to the law along with the budget package because the proposal is associated with «very serious finances provided to foster families».

‘If we allocate considerable finances to foster families, we need to ensure stability in foster families. Taking the child away from the foster family does not create stability – it creates nervousness and misunderstandings,’ says the minister.

He said the primary objective is securing a family-like environment for children. ‘Welfare Ministry does not oppose adoption for children for whom finding parents is very difficult. This especially applies to children with disabilities. It is clear that adoption to foreign countries would be preferable if it is not possible to secure a family-like environment in Latvia,’ says the politician.

«If we can do this on our own, there is no need to pull children from foster families,» said Reirs.

It is planned that changes may come into force 1 January 2018.


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Disgraceful 04.11.2017
So children have become a commodity. And only getting rid of the disabled. Sounds like the ole U.S.S.R.
Mammite Voltersa 03.11.2017
Trusting that the decision will be based on relevant information, and made in the best interest of the children whose lives will be forever impacted.