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LRA proposes restoring Police Academy to increase Latvia’s security level

Photo: facebook.com/Valsts Policija.
With a goal in mind to raise security level and combat crime more effectively, Latvian Association of Regions has prepared a proposal to restore Police Academy, BNN was told by party representatives.

«Ever since the liquidation of the Police Academy in 2010, the quality of work performed by State Police has declined sharply, as has the situation with interior security. According to international statistics, Latvia is among EU member states with the largest number of police officers per 100,000 residents (429). Unfortunately, unlike our neighbours Estonia and Lithuania, the crime level in our country does not go down,» LRA representatives say.

Party’s representatives also note that errors in application of the law, insufficiently justified and illegal decisions, unreasonable investigation periods, cases concluded because of statute of limitation are but some of the problems found within the interior affairs system. Unfortunately, their numbers tend to increase as well.

«Low investigation quality has far-reaching consequences that only contribute to the unsafe environment in the country and allow criminals to avoid punishment. In addition, state resources are wasted on unfinished cases. Only well-performed and efficient investigation can result in punishment for the guilty. It is the duty of the state to protect its residents from crime,» LRA notes.

Representatives of the party remind that State Audit had mentioned in multiple of its past inspections of investigative institutions that State Police officers are often unable to investigate criminal processes. The Prosecutor General’s office has also admitted certain problems.

«Ever since the Police Academy was closed, no measures have been performed to ensure successful training of professional investigators. There are no second-level higher education programmes that would teach knowledge and skills necessary to perform investigative activities,» LRA references State Audit’s report.

Jānis Ruks, member of LRA, Defence Interior Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee and National Defence Committee, explains that restoration of the Police Academy would benefit investigation quality, shorten terms for criminal case review and reduce the number of cases that end due to statute of limitations or insufficient evidence.

«Having more professional investigators would raise the security level in the country, ensure more effective crime prevention measures and assist with internal and external threats. Having a functioning Police Academy again would also benefit the national economy, because it would reduce the losses caused to the state, private persons and legal persons,» Ruks emphasized.

He also notes that it is highly important to ensure that the Police Academy answers to Interior Affairs Ministry to ensure supervision, development and control. «State security must not be allowed to be transformed into a market in the fight for funding.»


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