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Vējonis: funding already available to court justice system can be used more efficiently

Raimonds Vējonis/president.lv.
«It is necessary to improve the efficiency of the court justice system. There is a lot of work left to do. Every judge and the entire court justice system should work towards state and society’s best interest,» said Latvian President Raimonds Vējonis during his meeting with Justice Minister Dzintars Rasnačs in Riga Castle on Monday, 30 October.

The president’s press-service reports that Vējonis turned attention towards the fact that Latvian court justice system’s expenditures in relation to GDP are higher than the average in 28 EU member states.

«Authorities should be able to do more with the funding that is already available in order to secure tangible improvements and enhance the country’s court justice system in the near future. This applies to the time it takes to review cases and reduction of the number of amended and cancelled sentences, as well as making court work more transparent for the public,» the president said.

Latvia’s president also said judges should be picked only from the best lawyers found in the country. «The country has to provide judges and court workers appropriate and respectable wages.»


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