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Latvia prepares a new secret army mobilization plan

Latvian Defence Ministry has developed a new army mobilization plan to replace the current plan, which was approved by the government in 2006.

The National Armed Forces’ mobilization plan submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers will replace the one approved by the government in 2006. It was prepared in accordance with current defence policy documents, Cabinet of Ministers rules and NAF operational planning documents.

The new plan adapts the mobilization planning system in accordance with the current security situation and structural changes within NAF. In accordance with the law, the plan is prepared for emergency situations and in case of war. It includes putting National Armed Forces in full or partial alert, as well as dictate mobilization organization, duties, order and material and technical support.

The government will decide on the plan’s approval on Tuesday, 31 October. More details of the plan will not be publicly revealed.

Mobilization includes state military and civil protection activities to prevent threats to the state. Mobilization involves National Armed Forces, state civil protection system and national economy. State and legal persons’ owned material and financial resources, as well as residents’ material resources, can be used as mobilization resources in accordance with specially developed plans.

As it is known, Latvian National Armed Forces performed Mobilization Exercises in September and October. The goal of those exercises was checking the efficiency of procedures and mechanisms detailed in regulations. They will also be integrated in previously planned exercises.

Exercises will help improve theoretical knowledge and practical skills in planning and execution of mobilization activities of NAF personnel, Economy Ministry, Agriculture Ministry, Transport Ministry, Road Safety Directorate, and other participating officials.


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