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Latvian family doctors to continue ‘slow’ strike

Latvian Family Doctors Association’s board has decided to continue the ‘slow’ strike. During a meeting, member of the board discussed Healthcare Ministry’s response to the association’s proposal regarding the signing of a general agreement for family doctors’ work.

Doctors concluded that the ministry did not provide a clear response. The State Chancellery responded by saying that providing an appropriate response is duty of the Healthcare Ministry.

Because a response to the proposal is legislatively important, it has been decided to ask the ministry and the Cabinet of Ministers to provide an official response as to whether or not Healthcare Ministry agrees to sign a general agreement. The association expects a response to come no later than 6 November.

The board of the association also reviewed Healthcare Ministry’s proposal to sign a cooperation memorandum. The board concluded that a similar memorandum was signed by the association on 26 May 2005 and that the cooperation detailed in the memorandum was to continue for twelve years. Therefore, members of the board concluded there is no need to sign a new memorandum.

Because of that, doctors intend to continue their slow strike.

As it is known, Healthcare Ministry offered the association to sign a cooperation memorandum for cooperation in state administration.

According to Healthcare Ministry’s press-secretary Undīne Šulca, the cooperation memorandum would secure more active involvement of the association in development of regulations and therefore better protection its interests. Similar cooperation memorandums have been signed with other healthcare service providers’ professional organizations.

LĢĀA president notes that a cooperation memorandum between it and Healthcare Ministry was signed in May 2005. Veide says the association regularly participates in activities organized by Healthcare Ministry. However, proposals put forth by the associations are not always taken into account.


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