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Police uncover massive fraud in Ogres namsaimnieks; nearly EUR 91,000 defrauded

Under suspicion of financial fraud in Ogres Namsaimnieks, Latvian State Police has detained eleven persons, including three managing officials, as reported by police.

Those individuals were detained under suspicion of defrauding financial resources owned by a municipal company in the amount of EUR 90,961.74 and subsequent laundering of those funds. Police continue their investigation.

«In cooperation with Anti-money Laundering Service, State Police Economic Crimes Combating Office acquired information regarding possible financial fraud in a municipal company in Ogre. Investigative activities helped State Police determine that defrauded finances were being legalized by transferring them to third party bank accounts,» police explain.

Economic Crimes Combating Office performed fifteen sanctioned searches at multiple addresses in Riga region. Those searches helped uncover evidence – documents, data storage devices, stamps, cash and two weapons.

‘During the arrest, two persons tried destroying a data storage device and partially erasing information from a computer. To recover that information, a request was put in for a State Police forensic expert, who arrived at the scene and recovered lost data,’ police explain.

Eleven people were detained by State Police on Tuesday, 24 October. Three of them are managing officials in the municipal company. Three suspects have been put under arrest. Other eight suspects have been applied with status of individuals involved in a criminal process.


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