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Minister: after the school reform, teachers’ monthly wages will grow to EUR 1,500

Kārlis Šadurskis/flickr.com.
Sorting out the school network will bring teachers the opportunity to earn more money for their work, said Latvian Education and Science Minister Kārlis Šadurskis in an interview to 900 seconds of LNT.

Šadurskis adds: «The middle school network will allow teachers to earn at least EUR 1,000, and, with a 40-hour work week, this amount will grow to EUR 1,500 a month».

At the same time, the minister mentions that schools with insufficient number of children attending studies will have to be remade as primary school. Some teachers are expected to lose jobs as a result of this.

According to him, this will coincide with the general retirement trend. With that, the government also considers creating a social safety pillow, which will require additional finances as well.

He also says it is also important to reconstruct certain sections of roads leading to schools, as proposed in the recent school network evaluation study. Roads are mentioned as one of the highest added values in the study, and their proper maintenance is instrumental for improving the quality of life for countryside residents and enhancing economic activity, adds the minister.

Šadurskis is certain that by realizing recommendations proposed by the ministry and associated experts, it will be possible to benefit the whole of society.


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