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Family doctors dissatisfied with Healthcare Ministry’s reform again

When forming cooperation with family doctors, lately the Healthcare Ministry has focused on conditions that are completely unacceptable for doctors and had never been in place to begin with, said Latvian Family Doctors Association’s Chairman Pauls Princis in an interview to Rīta panorama programme.

According to Princis, this makes the situation more complex. Because of that, the strike will continue. Princis refused to the possible changes to the strike. He said it is because the association has yet to discuss Healthcare Ministry’s proposals and has yet to decide on actions to be undertaken in response.

He adds that the ministry has put forth three or four proposals that are completely unacceptable for family doctors. For example, the ministry offers to ensure that if a contract for the use of e-health system is not signed, the ministry will not sign contracts with family doctors at all, which is a strike against older doctors.

When asked why doctors do not know how to use e-health system if its introduction was announced long in advance, Princis said the system has yet to be improved. «For example, nurses still do not have access. On top of that, this product does not fit Latvia’s actual situation. Doctors asked e-health to be introduced gradually, but this did not happen.»

Also doctors are offered three-year contracts with the state, which means the situation will stay unchanged for three years, which Princis finds unsatisfactory. According to the specialist, money will increase in other healthcare sectors in such a case. Family doctors will thereby lose their chance for wage increases.


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