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Experts prepare a plan to defend poor residents’ interests next year

Poverty is a violation of human rights. Political will and specific decisions to reduce it are necessary. Allocation of state budget funds for the introduction of a sustainable social policy and realization should be considered an investment in people rather than state budget expenditures, says EAPN-Latvia.

It should be added that, EAPN-Latvia will organize a discussion at Mežaparks sports centre-hotel on Wednesday, 25 October. This discussion will focus on Latvian NGO fund/Social Integration Fund financed project ‘Support for NGO contribution to defence of interests of poor people’.

EAPN-Latvia chairperson Laila Balga says that participants of the discussion from NGOs that represent interests of the poor and socially excluded residents will provide their contribution for further action aimed at reducing poverty and social exclusion.

It should be added that EAPN-Latvia submitted to the Saeima, ministries, Riga City Council committees a total of 44 proposals in August. Those proposals were developed by ten NGOs in different fields, including human rights, education, child rights, rights of the disabled, and gender equality.

EAPN-Latvia invites decision-makers to actively work to reduce income inequality among residents and make sure all residents have the opportunity to receive sufficient income to have a life fitting European values by approving regulations that would help reduce conditions that contribute to poverty and social exclusion.

In addition EAPN-Latvia emphasizes that it is also highly important for decision-makers to form fertile cooperation with the NGO sector, because non-governmental organizations are the ones who represent interests of Latvian residents.


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