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Pavļuts: party unions would be welcome, but not for politically technical reasons

Daniels Pavļuts. Photo^ flickr.com/Frank-Jurgen Richter.
In preparation for Saeima elections, unions should be considered by parties that have similar goals, not politically technical considerations, said Kustība Par leader Daniels Pavļuts in an interview to Rīta panorama programme.

According to him, spring will be a very intense season for Latvia. It will be rich with searches for partners. With that, unions would be desirable. Nevertheless, it is too soon to jump at every offer. The politician notes that he has yet to hear any support from other politicians in favour of this proposal.

There are parties with which we share values. Those parties are the New Conservative Party, Unity and others, Pavļuts said.

When asked about the work performed by Kustība Par politicians in Unity’s Saeima faction, Pavļuts said, his colleagues «will vote in accordance with their conscience and state interests». When asked if this means there is a possibility of votes against the faction’s decisions, Pavļuts did not answer directly, but rather said – if it is in the interests of state stability, it is possible to step over principles.

The politician did say that the coalition has enough votes even without Par members.

As it is known, multiple politicians from For Latvia’s Development, Unity, LRA and Vidzemes party have proposed ending the fragmentation of political forces and instead uniting similarly-minded politicians and parties from all other Latvia into one organization.

Mārtiņš Bondars, Artis Pabriks, Vents Armands Krauklis and Juris Pūce propose uniting political forces for the next Saeima elections, which are set to take place next year.

The politician notes that it is necessary to unite all young and modern politicians from all of Latvia to ensure continued protection of western democratic values.


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