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Minister: changes in Russian schools needed for formation of unified political nation

Kārlis Šadurskis/flickr.com.
Latvia requires a unified political nation, which is impossible to achieve living in different education spaces. With that, it is only natural for the process to progress towards our youth studying together, Latvian Education Minister Kārlis Šadurskis told Rīta panorama programme about the intended education reforms in Russian-speaking schools.

Šadurskis called people who opposed planned reforms as political forces interested in keeping as many youngsters as possible with weak Latvian language skills living in Russian propaganda space.

According to the politician, there are no more unclear aspects about expected reforms. All teachers in Latvia have to know the state language at the highest level. If they do not, each separate municipality is to be held responsible. Teachers have had many opportunities to learn the language in the past fifteen years. Education programmes are ready as well.

When asked if reforms could potentially cause a decline of education quality for Russian-speakers, Šadurskis avoided answering the question directly. Instead he rhetorically asked if authors of such statements truly think that Russians are dumber than others and cannot learn other languages.

A protest is scheduled to take place outside Education and Science Ministry on Monday, 23 October. Supporters of Russian schools plan to protest against the initiative to transition to education exclusively in Latvian language.

A number of pro-Kremlin organizations have sent a letter to Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis, expressing their dissatisfaction about his support in favour of the education reform.

According to them, the transition to Latvian language would cause irreparable damage to national minority schools – it will be harder for children to learn education materials, and it will more likely worsen their academic accomplishments in comparison with Latvian schools.

Supporters of Russian schools backed their arguments with the recent similar reform performed in Ukraine. «There is only one European country actively works to destroy education of natural minorities. It is Ukraine, which is deep in violence and economic crisis. There is no such crisis in Latvia,» as written in the letter addressed to the prime minister.


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