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Expert: workers of Latvia’s NGO sector have high ‘burnout’ risk

Dace Akule/twitter.com/@DaceAkule.
Workers of Latvia’s NGO sector have a high burnout risk, said once the director of Providus Dace Akule in an interview to Latvijas Radio.

Akule says this kind of situation appears if the ‘save the world’ motivation comes hand in hand with instability of support. It is clear that because of major challenges, leadership tends to change quite frequently.

When asked to comment on next year’s expected changes to the order that governs which companies are allowed to donate to NGOs, Akule said that tax discounts are not the most important factor that governs donations. At the same time, the expected changes will not give any sign that donations to the NGO sector are a good thing.

She admits that the NGO sector is actively looking for solutions to this situation by working with individual and company donation culture. «We are a society that donates,» notes Akule, adding that companies and private persons donated around EUR 57 million last year.

Speaking of state funding of the NGO sector, Akule notes that one major risk is that this funding remains low.

«It shows the state’s attitude and insufficient understanding that we can afford to give money to NGOs, but the money goes through different channels,» says the expert. She mentioned deputy quotas, and proposed looking for ways to divert this money through a single channel.


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