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Latvia has the highest index of female CEOs among EU member states

The highest index of female CEOs among European Union member states belongs to Latvia – 47%. In total, only 33% of CEOs in EU were female last year, according to data from the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia.

These and other facts about men and women in the EU can be viewed at Eurostat, CSP and EU member states’ statistics institutions in their joint publication ‘The life of women and men in Europe: A statistical portrait’.

Although there are 5% more women than men in Europe on average, this difference in the highest in Latvia (18%), Lithuania (17%) and Estonia. Luxembourg, Malta and Sweden, on the other hand, have slightly more men than women.

Women also life longer lives than men on average – in the EU this index was 83.3 years for women and 77.9 years for men.

Care for children and home in all EU member states is more often taken up by women than men (79% of women as opposed to 34% of men in EU). The biggest difference in noted in Greece (85% of women and 16% of men) and Italy (81% and 20%). The difference is the smallest in Sweden (74% of women and 56% of men) and Latvia (82% and 57%).


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