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Hydrogen-powered transport technology – a reality in Latvia

There are plans to establish a hydrogen refuelling station in Riga before the end of 2017. A publicly available H2 refuelling station in Riga would secure an inter-state network of hydrogen refuelling stations: the closest other station will be established in Pernava, says Association Zero Emission Mobility Support chairman Arnis Bergs.

He continues: «A public H2 refuelling station in Riga, Vienības gatvē 6, next to the 2nd trolleybus park will create an opportunity to start using hydrogen-powered cars in Latvia.»

Testing of the H2 refuelling station will be presented at the e-mobility stand of the Environment and Energy 2017 expo, which will be taking place at Kipsala Hall throughout 19th – 22nd October, said Bergs. Toyota Mirai will be used for testing. With a full tank, the car can cover 500 km in five minutes.

It is noted that H2 refuelling station’s construction will be performed as part of H2Nodes project. It will be available for public transports and public use.

Rīgas satiksme acts as H2Nodes project’s coordinator. This project will be realized in Riga, Pernava and Arnhem.


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