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Accreditation fees for sign language interpreter programmes may be reduced in Latvia

Janis Reirs, Welfare Minister/flicrr.com.
Latvian Welfare Ministry intends to work with Education and Science Ministry to find a solution for the situation with accreditation fees in the existing sign language interpreter programme, as reported by Welfare Ministry’s representative Aiga Ozoliņa.

She says the ministry intends to support the continuation of the sign language interpreter programme at the Social Integration State Agency. The accreditation term for the existing programme will end soon, and development of a new programme would be very expensive.

Ozoliņa adds that SIVA will also work with Education and Science Ministry to find a way to reduce costs. She also says that some time ago, when Welfare Ministry found out about the costs of development of a new programme and small number of students participating in it, the institution asked Education and Science Ministry to secure this programme for some other 2nd level higher education institution. This request received a rejection from the ministry.

Welfare Ministry has invited chairman of Latvian Society of the Deaf Sandra Gerenovska to join a meeting of the National Invalids Council, which was also attended by Education and Science Minister Kārlis Šadurskis, to help search for a solution to this matter.

Aldis Dūdiņš, deputy director of the Social Services Department of Saeima’s Social and Employment Matters Committee, had previously said that it would be worth introducing sign language interpretation programmes in other education facilities in Latvia.

At the moment, there is only one institution that prepares sign language interpreters in Latvia – SIVA College in Jurmala. Graduations are also rare for this programme – only four out of sixteen people pass on average.


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