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Poll: Ethnic minorities feeling closer to Latvia, express limited support on NATO

The majority ethnic minority residents in Latvia feel a deep or a very deep sense of belonging to the country in 2017, which is an increase by 4% since last year and a 16%-increase since 2015, showed results of opinion polls by the Latvian Ministry of Culture.

Opinion polls conducted as part of the study Ethnic Minority Participation in Democratic Processes in Latvia showed that among ethnic Russians, the sense of pride of belonging to Latvia has broadened. In 2015, 44% of ethnic Russians recognised they feel they belong to the Baltic country, but in 2017, the rate has reached 59%.

At the same time, the negative assessment of the Soviet mass deportations of Latvian population in 1940 has become more widespread from 42% in 2015 to 58% in 2017.

Asked to express their opinion about the NATO, only 23% of the respondents noted they are positive or very positive about the military alliance. At the same time, 62% expressed a positive or a very positive opinion about Russia.


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