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Top 3 fears of Latvians: loss of loved ones, illnesses and war

The most wide-spread fears people in Latvia have, according to an opinion poll conducted by Swedbank, are the fear to lose their loved ones (63% of respondents), the fear of incurable illnesses (46%) and the possibility of a war (35%).

The Swedish-owned bank also found in the poll that as the economic situation stabilises in Latvia, there people are less concerned about the possibility of losing their jobs (from 17% in 2011 to 12% in 2017).

Likewise, since 2011 the number of persons, who consider that in the event of a crisis they would be out of money, has got considerably lower (from 33% six years ago to 23% in 2017).

The bank also asked its respondents, what are the things people avoid most, and the poll results revealed that 31% of respondents avoid going a doctor, 21% avoid carrying out their dreams and 20% avoid taking up sports or switching to healthy eating and food.


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