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UK situation with children of Latvian nationals has improved

Baiba Braže/youtube.com.

Lately, the situation with the children of Latvian nationals in the UK has got better, stated Latvian Ambassador to the UK, Baiba Braže.

In an interview with the Latvian TV channel LNT, broadcast 900 sekundes, the Ambassador acknowledged that the number of children taken away by British authorities from families of UK-based Latvian nationals has decreased and added that currently, local authorities are more active in informing the Latvian Embassy of such cases.

«There have been few cases, when children have been taken away, and, to our opinion, justifiably so, due to parents being addicted to alcohol,» commented Braže and added that the approximate number of children taken away from Latvian families in the UK in 2016 is four.

The Ambassador stressed that in order to solve such arguments with British authorities, the first and main advice is to cooperate and show one’s interest and care for the child.


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