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Latvian army receives first howitzers from Austria

Photo: twitter.com/@Latvijas_armija.

A ship with first self-propelled howitzers Latvia is buying from Austria has arrived on Monday, October 1, at the port of Liepāja.

The Latvian Defence Ministry reports that a total of 47 type-M109A5Oe combat artillery systems have been bought from Austria to enhance the indirect fire capability of the Latvian armed forces. They will also improve the ability of Latvian troops to fully integrate in NATO operations and drills.

Raimonds Bergmanis, the Latvian Minister of Defence, has commended the arrival of the systems five months after the purchase agreement was signed with the Austrian Ministry of Defence and Sports.

«This armament will contribute considerably to improving capability of artillery support and definitely should not be considered as an exclusive contribution in a unit, but the amount and quality of these arms covers full tactical necessity,» Bergmanis evaluated.


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